Cutting Clear Blue

by ripe mangos



Recorded in the span of 2 months off n on, while all things grew hotter and some good and some terrible things happened, while i was in my room.


released July 12, 2017



all rights reserved


ripe mangos Spokane, Washington

Ripe Mangos(aka) housings is a straight to tape project. Samples and snippets of live and unlive things. Songs and 'songs'. Lo-fi and harsh, warm and creamy.
About family, friends, self, and all the things that I can relate to, as me. I also write stories and review a wide variety of things in 'Churn Tab Magazine' There's that.

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Track Name: Gophers Teeth
misinformed, ill informed
i dont know what to do
dont want be left out sad
dont want to be only
dont want my brain gobbled up by news

so i feel left out
i feel quiet
i feel lost and dumb

the sun is out now, the grass sits green
i wanna lay but im scared too

I feel lazy
what a privilege
i sit here in "my" room

in someone elses home
gift ive been given
still anxietys got it skewed

learn to appreciate
learn to challenge
learn to stand up to myself

I shut me up from inside
my brain gophers teeth
shake shiver and tear at my skull
and they say

theres no need to speak now
your place is quiet
theres no need to speak now
my place is quiet
Track Name: Fine Fine
all these fine feelings
cant fit em all in the little house
low low low ceilings
people come and they roll roll on
they roll on they move on they....

ill come and go and roll on ill roll on ill...
Track Name: Sun on Hanging Cloth
instrumental, gets loud and hissy at the end. Be careful.
Track Name: Porcelain (living room rec.)
you lay on their table
held in porcelain
arms stretched out reaching
i watch you slowly lean into passing
all growth and light through you showing
your color held high, wreathed in sturdy green
what would you be if they left you in the ground
as you sink and rot to brown

and this is who I am
this is who ill be
theres not much remaining
the sun shown cant see

I lay on your table
arms stretched revealing
you can look down and through me
you can devour me

now this is who I am
now this is who ill be
there must be more remaining
the sun swings out to find me

i dont know me
i am learning
i dont know me
im unlearning
but i will know me
for the sun returns to show me
Track Name: Wicked life
Dreams were layed about
formed from sweat and tears
on the dapper green
left to dry out in the repetitive sun
sometimes when youre told
what to do then what to do then what to do
or told none at all
the space ones left with for telling
is little ways from
the gap from one ear to the other
and just as full of bullshit
so I say
Never stop squinting in the direction of power

Theyre steeped in firm wicked life
and its our duty now its our duty now
to strike those fuckers down

never stop squinting in the direction of power